The Top 5 Facts About What Australians Gamble On!

A lot of people gamble in Australia on an occasional basis. But unfortunately, other people are addicted to gambling and have severe and disruptive problems. And that’s what makes the Australian Gambling Statistics article so interesting.

It summarizes statistics on gambling activity in Australia and helps readers look at their risks. So if you’re wondering about the Australians’ gambling habits, these are the top 5 facts about Australian gambling statistics: the facts about what Australians gamble on.

Fact #1

To begin with, the facts and figures gambling in Australia statistics show that gambling harms lives. The crime rate rises, and family relationships suffer. There is a negative impact on work performance and an increase in homelessness. All this makes us see that the problem of gambling needs to be tackled by government authorities and responsible people.

addicted to gambling

Fact #2

Australian gambling statistics show that only a small part of those who gamble are addicted. Most people gamble. Some people play online, some on regulated land-based casinos, and others on pokies. Australian statistics say that the problem of gambling has spread to everybody. However, the proportion of addicted gamblers is only 0.75% (or 750,000 people).

Fact #3

Third, Australian statistics show that some countries have more problems than others. That’s why the government needs to allocate more money and regulate the industry better. For example, Australian gambling statistics show that the Philippines and Hong Kong have the highest percentage of problem gamblers. In Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, this percentage is around 0.1%.

Fact #4

Fourth, in the gambling industry in in Australia, statistics show those online casinos are gaining popularity. As a result, Australian gambling statistics also show that more people are fixing their lives due to addiction to online casinos. Online gambling is not bad when you play it within the limit and set a budget before you start to play.

Fact #5

Fifth, Australian gambling statistics show us the industry’s revenue but not its profit. This makes it difficult for the government to decide where to allocate money to treat addiction. It’s known; however, that government gets revenue from industry via taxes and fees collected by official bodies like police or tax offices (7% of all gambling revenue).

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