Progressive Jackpot Types: How To Win The Biggest Prizes

When you play online slot games on a gambling website, you will get many jackpots and bonuses. One of them is progressive jackpots. You can get these jackpots at every level when you win the slot game. The ultimate goal of slot players is to make huge profits from these easy spins.

However, all slot players know that progressive jackpots are extremely difficult to hit. Here in this information, you will get all the information about the types of progressive jackpots: how to win the biggest prize money. First, let’s have a look at the types of progressive jackpots:

1. Stand Alone Progressive Jackpots

The stand-alone progressive jackpots are the most common types of progressive jackpots. A percentage of the coin is deducted from the jackpots whenever you win with the combination of symbols. In the stand-alone progressive machines, a meter shows the progress of your jackpots. The slot machines have fixed amounts of the progressive jackpots you can win from it. You will get the big prize money from these stand-alone progressive machines.

2. In-House Jackpots

The progressive jackpots are being organized in the house of the slot machines. These jackpots are linked to the slot machines in-house. A progressive jackpot combines all the symbols on one reel, and all these symbols must show at least once in one spin. There are various types and denominations of progressive Jackpot with different prizes level for every player. Progressive Jackpots and bonuses can be won only if you play slot games from a reputable gambling Company.

jackpots and bonuses

3. Wide Area Progressive Jackpot

The Wide Area Progressive Jackpots are linked to the slot machines in different houses. The progressive jackpots rise and fall with the progress of players from different towns/cities. The Wide Area Progressive Jackpots and bonuses can be completed only if you play slot games from reputable slot machines. You need to remember that you must read the guideline for different kinds of progressive jackpots.

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